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Empik School is a chain of language schools in 25 locations across Poland.

We teach all languages! We offer courses teaching popular European languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish, as well as many other oriental languages, including Japanese, Arabic or Chinese.

You can enrol for a course whatever your level and age. You can start learning the foreign language of your choice whenever you want, as our courses start several times a year.



The method

Our classes are based on an original approach to language teaching known as the INSELL METHOD. It will quickly enable you to start communicating in natural everyday situations which you are likely to experience while travelling, studying or working in an international environment.

The INSELL method is an original foreign language teaching solution developed and used in the Empik School chain across Poland. It relied on the best developments in foreign language teaching in Europe and North America. The INSELL method is not only highly effective, but also appeals to all students, including children, teenagers and adults. Classes given using the INSELL method are different for all age groups, taking into consideration the natural differences between “younger” and “older” Empik School students.

The name “INSELL Method” stands for “Interactional Sequential Language Learning”. “Interactional” refers to the most important distinctive feature of this teaching approach, i.e. well-planned interactions (i.e. speaking, conversation and reacting in a foreign language) in class. A large number of well-managed interactions between students is what makes Empik School stand out on the market.

Our language school will teach you to speak and think in a foreign language starting from the first class. Learning foreign languages through active interactions makes students engaged and is intended to improve passive and, more importantly, active language skills.

Thanks to interactive exercises and games, you will soon be encouraged to experiment with the foreign language and become more tolerant of the mistakes you make. Linguistic research suggests that mistakes are a natural stage in language skill development, both in children and in adults.

Teachers and teaching methodology assistance

Our Polish and native speaker teachers are excellent professionals who will help you to start learning fast, inspiring you with their professionalism and positive energy. We boast an outstanding team of brilliant teachers with impeccable professional track record and educational background. Foreign teachers (native speakers) with outstanding teaching qualifications also make part of Empik School’s team. Our teachers include authors of textbooks and teaching resources.

We appreciate the importance of student-teacher relationships, because we know that they have an important impact on the foreign language learning process. We make sure that the relationships are as positive as possible.

We attach great importance to our staff’s continuous professional development and organize numerous teacher training programmes for them.

Each Empik School also employs a teaching methodology consultant, i.e. a highly qualified teacher responsible for top quality and best teaching standards. The consultants organize professional workshops, lectures and other continuous development opportunities for teachers. An important part of the consultants’ work is visiting (observing) classes, as well as their detailed evaluation to monitor teachers’ performance. The consultants also assist language students with their knowledge and experience. Interested students are encouraged to ask about the consultants’ office hours at the reception desk. Moreover, the most experienced teachers also act as teaching methodology advisors, enabling continuous expert supervision over teaching quality.


Courses for foreigners

We have prepared a range of courses to meet the needs of foreigners living in Poland. Empik School lets you improve your English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swiss and Russian language skills. Our foreign students can start and continue learning foreign languages at the appropriate level.

Are you thinking about learning a new foreign language? You don’t know Polish? No problem. In class, we teach foreign languages, rather than lecturing about them in Polish. A well-prepared teacher will use pictures, situational context and gestures so that even during your first class in a beginner’s course you will learn the basic phrases in a foreign language and you will know how to use them to communicate with others. In class, you will speak the foreign language with the teacher and with other students in your group. If you miss a class, you can log into the electronic Student Zone to find out what was discussed in class and how to get ready to talk with your peers next time.

During your final class, you will receive a course completion certificate in two languages – in Polish and in English, detailing your skills on the European CEFR* scale, as well as a Learner’s Achievement Sheet, which will be completed by the teacher in the language you study or in Polish. If you want to add an international certificate to your language portfolio, it will also be possible at Empik School. We are a trusted partner for certification institutions and our schools have long been offering our learners the opportunity to take the following international exams: English – City& Guilds, LCCI and TOEIC; as well as TELC (The European Language Certificate) in German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. We also organize preparatory courses for such exams as Cambridge First, Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency – the vast majority of our students pass the exams with good and very good results.

*Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment

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